What is Kozmigroov?

Kozmigroov* is a transgressive improvisational music which combines elements of psychedelia, spirituality, jazz, rock, soul, funk, and African, Latin, Brazillian, Indian and Asian influences culminating into an all encompassing cosmic groove. At its most accomplished, Kozmigroov is both expansive and highly rhythmic, and simultaneously finds connections with the mind, soul and body.

Examples span:

This site is dedicated to all of the above, in addition to the seemingly endless list of other musicians whose music resides either within or across these nominal categories. Regardless of whether it's realistic to circumscribe such diverse elements, there remains a common aesthetic at work here. Kozmigroov can be said to represent a crossbreed which arises through the breakdown of artistic boundaries and biases, a hybrid which embraces other influences and new technologies, all the while maintaining a sense of connection to the original spirit of the music.

The Kozmigroov Konnection

[*respect to Jason Witherspoon for the contraction]