As Sky High Productions, Fonce (pictured above) and Larry Mizell produced a string of superb funky fusion albums for various artists throughout the seventies - culminating in the huge hit "Boogie Oogie Oogie" for A Taste of Honey... after which they became somewhat less prolific.

selected productions...

A Taste of Honey
(1978 Capitol)

Boogie Oogie Oogie
This Love of Ours
World Spin
Disco Dancin'
If We Loved
Sky High
You're In Good Hands

A TASTE OF HONEY Another Taste (1979 Capitol) Do It Good The Rainbow's End Dance I Love You Race Let's Begin Take the Boogae or Leave It Your Love
RANCE ALLEN GROUP Say My Friend (1977 Capitol) Truth Is Marching On Reason To Survive Peace of Mind I'm Gonna Make It After All Got To Be Ready You're My Everything Truth Is Marching On (Reprise)
GARY BARTZ The Shadow Do... (1975 Prestige) Winding Roads Mother Nature Love Tones Gentle Smiles (Saxy) Make Me Feel Better Sea Gypsy For My Baby Incident
THE BLACKBYRDS The Blackbyrds (1974 Fantasy) Do It, Fluid Gut Level Reggins The Runaway Funky Junkie Summer Love Life Styles A Hot Day Today
DONALD BYRD Black Byrd (1973 Blue Note) Flight Time Black Byrd Love's So Far Away Mr Thomas Sky High Slop Jar Blues Where Are We Going
DONALD BYRD Street Lady (1973 Blue Note) Lansana's Priestress Miss Kane Sister Love Street Lady Witch Hunt Woman of the World
DONALD BYRD Steppin' Into Tomorrow (1975 Blue Note) Stepping Into Tomorrow Design A Nation We're Together Think Twice Makin' It Rock and Roll Again You Are the World I Love the Girl
DONALD BYRD Places and Spaces (1975 Blue Note) Change (Makes You Want To Hustle) Wind Parade Dominoes Places and Spaces You and Music Night Whistler Just My Imagination
DONALD BYRD Caricatures (1976 Blue Note) Dance Band Wild Life Caricatures Science Funktion Dancing In the Street Return of the King Onward 'Til Morning Tell Me
ROGER GLENN Reachin' (1976 Fantasy) Reachin' Rio Don't Leave E.B.F.S. Overtime Kick Gloria Rezo Chango
JOHNNY HAMMOND Gambler's Life (1974 Salvation) Gambler's Life Rhodesian Thoroughfare This Year's Dream Star Borne Back To the Projects Yesterday Was Cool Virgo Lady Call On Me
JOHNNY HAMMOND Gears (1975 Milestone) Tell Me What To Do Los Conquistadores Chocolates Lost on 23rd Street Fantasy Shifting Gears Can't We Smile?
BOBBI HUMPHREY Blacks and Blues (1974 Blue Note) Chicago, Damn Harlem River Drive Just A Love Child Blacks and Blues Jasper Country Man Baby's Gone
BOBBI HUMPHREY Satin Doll (1974 Blue Note) New York Times Satin Doll San Francisco Lights Ladies Day Fun House My Little Girl Rain Again You Are the Sunshine of My Life
BOBBI HUMPHREY Fancy Dancer (1975 Blue Note) Uno Esta The Trip You Make Me Feel So Good Fancy Dancer Mestizo Eyes Sweeter Than Sugar Please Set Me At Ease